Moose Bumpers


Custom built to
suit your requirements.

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Grille Guards

Innovative design,
Custom engineering,
Production Excellence.

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Grill Guards


Chain hangers, Fenders,
Light bars, Load levelers,
and much more.

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Aluminum Accessories

Cab Guards

Driver Security and
Peace of Mind

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Cab Guards


Custom Header Extrusion

Our header extrusion adds strength and style with a distinctive visual appeal for that custom look. 


Vertical Beams

Where available, fully boxed vertical uprights are formed from two pieces of high strength aluminum, and include internal doublers for added strength. This reduces the required welds adding further integrity to the beam. 


Latch Mountings

Four hardened steel bushings provide superior strength and longevity for smooth and easy latch operation.


Engineered Steel Mount Assembly

The steel mount assembly is designed to securely attach the bumper to the OEM load bearing areas of the truck, offering superior strength and reliability. Magnums easy bolt on mounting assemblies require little or no modifications to the truck frame.



Tow Pin

Our high strength 1½” diameter center tow pin is seated securely in the reinforced steelwork of the mounting assembly with doubler plates for heavy duty towing in a wide variety of applications. 


Magnum Exclusive Quick Latch System

The original industry proven and customer preferred latching system offers convenient, easy operation of the Magnum Moose Bumper. The double hook quick latch bar features a dual spring design that interlocks with the adjustable latch plates keeping the bumper securely in place.


Quad Hinge Bushing Technology

The four hardened steel bushings are encased within the pivot points to eliminate wear and tear for smooth continuous operation throughout the life of the bumper


Urethane Bumpers

The durable urethane bumpers are resistant to weather and temperature conditions. If necessary the easily replaceable design requires no tools to install. They contribute to the long; rattle free operation of the Magnum Moose Bumper.


Led Signal Lights

For added visibility the Magnum 4 post Moose Bumpers come with bright LED turn signal indicators. These dual high diode count, amber turn signals contribute to the increased safety provided by the Magnum Moose Bumper.


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